Scarce Skills

Let's continue to inspire our children, students and youth to be aware of South Africa’s, Africa’s and global needs re jobs and careers. Such that over and above being inspired by what they are passionate about, and comfortable pursuing as a career, that they are aware of their country’s needs in order to build a brighter future and a better world for all.

According to the Department of Labour, the Scarce Skills include:




Chief Executives, General Managers and Legislators: Chief Executives and Managing Directors,(Enterprise/Organisations) General Managers, Senior Government and Local Government Officials.

Specialist Managers: Advertising, Marketing and Sales Managers; Corporate (Administration and Business) Services Managers, Finance Managers includes Municipal, Finance Managers and Audit Managers) Human Resource Managers, Policy and Planning Managers, Research and Development Managers, Contract, Programme and Project Managers.

Construction, Distribution and Production/Operations Managers:
Construction Managers; Engineering Managers; Production/Operations Managers; Supply and Distribution Managers (includes Logistics Managers)

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Managers:
Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Managers.

Events, Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers: Retail Managers, Call or Contact Centre and Customer Service Managers, Event and Conference Managers, Transport Services Managers, Miscellaneous Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers.

Miscellaneous Specialist Managers: Safety and Security Managers, Other Specialist Managers (includes Environmental, Arts and Culture, Office and Quality Managers).


Arts and Media Professionals: Music Professionals, Photographers, Authors and Book and Script Editors, Actors, Dancers, and other Entertainers, Miscellaneous Arts Professionals (includes Textile and Multimedia Artists) Artistic Directors and Media Practitioners and Presenters, Film, Television, Radio and Stage Directors, Journalist, Other Writers and Editors.

Accountants, Auditors and Company Secretaries: Accountants, Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers

Financial Brokers and Dealers and Investment Advisors: Financial Investment Advisers and Managers, Financial Brokers.

Human Resource and Training Professionals: Human Resource Professionals, ICT Trainers, Training and Development Professionals.

Information and Organisation Professionals: Actuaries, Mathematicians and Statisticians, Economists, Archivists, Curators and Records Managers, Land Property and Assets Economists and Valuers, Management and Organisation Analysts, Librarians, Miscellaneous Information and Organisation Analysts.

Sales Marketing and Public Relations Professionals: Advertising and Marketing Professionals, ICT Sales Professionals, Public Relations/Communication Management Professionals, Technical Sales Representatives.

Air and Marine Transport Professionals: Air Transport Professionals and Marine Transport Professionals.

Architects, Designers, Planners and Surveyors: Architects and Landscape Architects, Cartographers and Surveyors, Graphic and Web Designers and Illustrators, Fashion, Industrial and Jewellery Designers, Urban and Regional Planners.

Engineering Professionals: Chemical and Materials Engineers and Technologists, Civil Engineers and Technologists and Quantity Surveyors, Electrical Engineer and Technologists, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers and Technologists, Industrial and Mechanical Engineers and Technologists, Mining Engineers and Technologists, Miscellaneous Engineering Professionals including Aeronautical and Avionics Engineers.

Natural and Physical Science Professionals: Chemists, and food and Wine Scientists, Environmental Scientists, Geologists and Geophysicists and Earth Science Technologists, Agriculture and Forestry Scientists, Medical and Laboratory Scientists and Technologists, Miscellaneous Natural and Physical Science Professionals, Veterinarians.

School Teachers: Early Childhood Development Practitioners, Foundation Phase School Teachers, Intermediate and Senior Phase School Teachers, Further Education and Training Teachers and Lecturers, Special Education Teachers.

Miscellaneous Education and Training Professionals: Education and Training Advisors and Reviewers.

Health Diagnostic and Promotion Professionals: Medical Imaging Professionals, Occupational and Environmental Health Professionals, Pharmacists (includes Pharmacist Assistants).

Health Therapy Professionals: Speech Professionals and Audiologists, Miscellaneous Therapy Professionals.

Midwifery and Nursing Professionals: Registered Nurses.

Business and Systems Analysts, and Programmers: ICT Business and Systems Analysts, Multimedia Specialists and Web Developers, Software and Applications Programmers.

Database and Systems Administrators, and ICT Security Specialists:
Database and Systems Administrators, and ICT Security Specialists.

ICT Network and Support Professionals: Computer Network Professionals, ICT Support and Test Engineers, Telecommunications Engineering Professionals.

Legal Professionals: Solicitors.

Social and Welfare Professionals: Psychologists, Social Workers, Counsellors.

Technician and Trades Workers

Agricultural, Medical and Science Technicians: Agricultural Technicians, Medical Technicians, Chemistry, Food and Beverage Technicians, other Miscellenous Science Technicians.

Building and Engineering Technicians: Architectural, Building and Surveying Technicians, Civil Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians,Electrical Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians, Electronic Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians (includes Avionics Technicians), Mechanical Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians, Safety Inspectors, Miscellaneous Building and Engineering Draftsperson and Technicians.

ICT and Telecommunications Technicians: ICT Support Technicians, Telecommunications Technical Specialists.

Manufacturing and Process Technicians: Power Plant Processing Technicians.

Automotive Electricians and Mechanics: Automotive Electricians, Motor Mechanics.

Fabrication Engineering Trades Workers: Sheetmetal Trades Workers, Structural Steel and Welding Trades Workers (includes Boilermakers and Welders) Metal Casting, Forging and Finishing Trades Workers.

Mechanical Engineering Trades Workers: Metal Fitters and Machinists (includes Mechanics), Precision Metal Trades Workers (includes Instrument Mechanics), Toolmakers and Engineering Patternmakers (includes Moulders and Tool, Jig and Die Makers), Millwrights and Mechatronics Trades Workers.

Panelbeaters, and Vehicle Body Builders, Trimmers and Painters:
Panelbeaters, Vehicle Body Builders and Trimmers, Vehicle Painters.

Bricklayers, Carpenters and Joiners: Bricklayers and Stonemasons, Carpenters and Joiners.

Floor Finishers and Painting Trades Workers: Painting Trades Workers. Glaziers, Plasterers and Tilers: Plasterers, Wall and Floor Tilers, Roof Tilers, Glaziers.

Plumbers: Plumbers.

Electrotechnology and Telecommunications Trades Workers: Domestic Radio and Television Mechanic.

Electricians: Electricians.

Electronics and Telecommunications Trades Workers: Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics, Electrical Distribution Trades Workers, Electronics Trades Workers, Telecommunications Trades Workers.

Food Trades Workers: Bakers and Pastrycooks, Butchers and Small goods Makers, Chefs.

Animal Attendants and Trainers: Animal Attendants Trainers and Shearers.

Printing Trades Workers: Binders, Finishers and Screen Printers, Graphic Pre-press Trades Workers, Printers.

Other Technicians and Trades Workers: Boat Builders and Shipwrights, Chemical, Gas, Petroleum, Power Generation Plant Operators, Gallery, Library and Museum Technicians, Jewellers, Performing Arts Technicians,Optical Laboratory Assistants.

Health and Welfare Support Workers: Ambulance Officers and Paramedics, Enrolled and Mother Craft Nurses, Welfare Support Workers (includes Community and Youth Workers).

Child Carers and Education Aides: Child Carers, Education Aides Personal Carers and Assistants: Dental Assistants.

Hospitality Workers: Hotel, Hospitality and Service Managers.

Defence Force Members, Fire and Rescue Officials and Police: South African National Defence Force Members.

Personal Service and Travel Workers: Beauty Therapists, Funeral Workers (includes Funeral Directors), Gallery, Museum and Tour Guides, Tourism and Travel Advisers, Travel Attendants, Miscellaneous Personal Service Workers.

Sports and Fitness Workers: Fitness Instructors, Sports Coaches, Instructors and Officials.

Clerical and Administrative Workers

Contract, Programme, Project and Office Administrators: Contract, Programme and Project Administrators, Office Administrators.

Personal Assistants and Secretaries: Personnel Assistants, Secretaries.

General Clerical Workers: General Clerks, Keyboard Operators.

Call or Contact Centre Information Clerks: Call or Contact Centre Workers.

Receptionist: Receptionist.

Accounting Clerks and Bookkeepers: Accounting Clerks, Bookkeepers

Financial and Insurance Clerks: Bank Workers, Credit and Loans Officers, Clerical and Office Support Workers: Couriers and Postal Deliverers, Mail Sorters, Survey Interviewers.

Purchasing, Supply, Transport and Despatch Administrators: Purchasing and Supply Logistics Administrators, Transport and Despatch Clerks.

Miscellaneous Administrative Workers: Debt Collectors, Other Miscellaneous Clerical and Administrative Workers.

Sales Workers

Insurance Agents and Sales Representatives: Insurance Agents, Sales Representatives.

Real Estate Sales Agents: Real Estate Sales Agents, Real Estate Agency Principals.

Sales Assistants and Salespersons: Sales Assistants (General), ICT Sales Assistants, Motor Vehicles and Vehicle Parts Salespersons, Retail Supervisors.

Sales Support Workers: Telemarketers, Visual Merchandisers.

Machinery operators and drivers

Machine Operators: Clay, Concrete, Glass and Stone Processing Machine Operators, Industrial Spray Painters, Paper and Wood Processing Machine Operators, Plastic and Rubber Production Machine Operators, Sewing Machinists, Miscellaneous Machine Operators.

Stationary Plant Operators: Crane, Hoist and Lift Operators, Drillers, Miners and Shot Firers, Engineering Production System Workers, Other Stationary Plant Operators.

Mobile Plant Operators: Earthmoving Plant Operators, Forklift Drivers, Other Mobile Plant Operators.

Automobile, Bus and Rail Drivers: Bus and Coach Drivers, Automobile Drivers, Train Drivers.

Truck Drivers: Truck Drivers.

Delivery Drivers: Delivery Drivers.

Store Persons: Store Persons.

Elementary workers

Cleaners and Laundry Workers: Commercial Cleaners, Textile and Laundry Workers.

Construction and Mining Workers: Building and Plumbing Workers, Concreters, Structural Steel Construction Workers, Other Construction, Mining and Metal Workers, Insulation and Home Improvement Installers.

Factory Process Workers: Produce Packers and Handlers, Product Assemblers.

Other Factory Process Workers: Manufacturing Engineering Process Workers, Plastic and Rubber Factory Workers, Product Quality Controllers, Timber and Wood Process Workers.

Farm, Forestry and Garden Workers: Forestry and Logging Workers.

Freight Handlers and Shelf Fillers: Freight and Furniture Handlers.

Other Workers: Deck and Fishing Hands, Handypersons, Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories Fitters, Printing Assistants and Table Workers.

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