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Established in 1996, SABC Education is an SABC business unit responsible for delivering the educational mandate of the public broadcaster. SABC Education delivers the educational mandate of the South African Broadcasting Corporation.

Our purpose is to share, in true South African style, compelling educational content gathered from a wide range of education issues that contribute to a rich South African identity.

SABC Education builds sustainable relationships with South Africans by focusing on programming covering issues in the Formal Education, Tweens & Youth Development and Public Information & Social Development categories. Our competitive advantage is SABC’s radio and television services that reach most South Africans.

We breathe life and local pride into our brand and programmes for young people in a youthful country. We promote youth involvement and empowerment. One Day Leader, a reality show seeks the best young leaders in South Africa, and puts their leadership skills and abilities to the test.

Freedom is not Free, shares experiences of carefree young South Africans who are extremely conscious of their past. Kulcha Kwest shows ordinary South African youth connecting with their culture. Vuka Kleva gives troubled teens the opportunity to understand their current reality and decide to change. Skeem Saam explores the thrilling and enlightening journey to adulthood. 100% Youth is a factual series that profiles young South Africans involved in non-mainstream art forms.

We motivate audiences to do better in life by encouraging active participation in education from reception year through to adult basic education and training phases.

We help young children and adults with mathematical challenges; Rivoningo targets small children, caregivers, parents and teachers while Geleza Nathi targets grade 10 – 12 learners. Before the name Geleza Nathi the show, called Matrics Uploaded made DVDs and worksheets, available to audiences covering content for grade 10 to 12 curricula in Accounting, Business Studies, English, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy and Physical Sciences.

It’s for Life develops life skills by helping candidates realise their social, personal and professional potential.

We are relevant in a changing South Africa; we inspire audiences to play key roles in building democracy through social action campaigns. SABC Education cares about South Africans and their future.

The Right to Win, South Africa’s only democracy game show sees individuals test their knowledge and understanding of South Africa’s democracy and 20 years of freedom. 90 Plein Street is full of drama, intrigue and exhilaration based on the workings of parliament. iSpani shares the many layers of employment and career planning with young, unemployed viewers. Making Moves celebrates and promotes young successful South African entrepreneurs. Make Your Rights Work for You promotes awareness of workplace rights.

The award-winning TV drama series Intersexions explores taboo issues on HIV/AIDS love, sex and relationships. The Golden Years celebrates and tells stories of the lives of South Africa’s diverse colourful senior citizens in an entertaining, interesting and honest manner.

Ubuntu, community building and African innovation is a participatory must for SABC Education; we reach out to audiences through outreach activities and print materials; we are globally visible through our social media networks.

Raise Your Hand is an on-going SABC initiative that calls on all South Africans to take part in the education of our country’s children. Based on the premise that each of us can make a difference in our own communities, no matter how small and once that action gathers momentum, we improve our country’s outlook, one future leader at a time. Maybe it is donating books. Or devoting a few hours a month to someone who needs help understanding something you grasped easily. Maybe it’s painting a blackboard or fixing part of a broken school bus. There are thousands of ways to help, not all of them academic, but all invaluable.

2015 is the fourth year that SABC Education has partnered with the Department of Basic Education to salute all schools and teachers who entered the awards. The 15th National Teaching Awards honour, recognise and reward teachers in South Africa that perform their duties exceptionally well and in doing so inspire all of us to be the best that we can be in everything that we do. Outstanding teachers in South Africa are publicly lauded for their commitment to the profession that gives rise to all other professions.

We recently published two motivational and instructional books Artisanship, the path to greatness and The Mathematical Genius in You; the books, delivered to rural areas across provinces are available for download on our website www.sabceducation.com.

Career programmes are as follows:

iSpani shares the many layers of employment and career planning with young, unemployed viewers. iSpani takes viewers into the world of work. For most school leavers, the world of work is hard to get into. The steps to entry level jobs are a mystery!

iSpani shares the many types of employment and career plans available. Unemployed viewers trying to get onto the job market are exposed to a variety of career opportunities, looking at multiple industries with employment potential for those starting out. In each episode an aspiring careerist is exposed, in detail, to the inner workings of a specific career starting at the very bottom.

They are taken on a process of orientation and practical job shadowing, introduced to and supported by potential employers. In addition to performing specific tasks that build the foundation of a competent employee, iSpani candidates are coached by on-the-ground experts in the field, who share their experiences in developing their own careers with the candidates.

48 Hours is a magazine series that prepares students in the last three grades of the senior phase for higher learning and helps them to make informed career choices in fields fairly unknown, particularly, in previously disadvantaged communities. The series also impacts on other learning areas including, but not limited to, the process of career decision making, the difference between textbook knowledge and practice.

48 Hours is designed to bring the world of careers to young South Africans. Pupils spend 48 Hours on the job with different professionals; they take on basic chores, learning and asking as much as possible. 48 Hours showcases various professions including artisan and mainstream careers, each episode culminating in inspiration from an entrepreneur in the field.

Making Moves celebrates and promotes young successful South African entrepreneurs. The award winning reality and magazine television show celebrates and promotes young successful South African entrepreneurs. Each week Making Moves profiles a budding entrepreneur who runs a company that has been in existence for over a year, is between the ages of 18 and 35, can prove some level of cash flow into the business, but has some teething problems. Profiled businesses are paired with a mentor (business guru) who gives the entrepreneurs advice on how to improve the running of their companies. All businesses are given a space of three weeks to act on the challenges they are given to help them grow.

It’s for Life develops life skills by helping candidates realise their social, personal and professional potential. It’s for Life inspires viewers to take control of their lives and take cognisance of the fact that self-motivation, self-esteem and self-actualisation is important in producing the human resources we need in this country.

The series primarily advances the career possibilities and growth of potential young adults in our diverse and challenging South Africa. It’s for Life gives viewers food for thought and entertainment. It’s for Life is innovative and motivational; it develops a mindset that we are the architects of our development.

Women in Science, a six part documentary series is about ordinary women doing extra-ordinary things in some of the world’s most cutting edge areas of research; space science, synthetic biology and palaeoanthropology right here in South Africa.

The series tells stories of women who through passion and relentless hard work have become involved in scientific domains, sometimes without any formal science training. Each show visits a different science context and exposes the multi-faceted work that takes place here. We meet women who are charting the edges of our vast universe, and others who are imaging the interior of a single cell; from mind-blowing big to the impossibly small.

Living Land is more than just an agricultural programme; it promotes rural development, job creation and food security in South Africa. Living Land showcases success stories of smallholder and commercial farmers; the show encourages the youth to seriously consider agriculture as a vocation. Living Land focuses on developing agriculture and highlights topical issues like land reform, climate change and entrepreneurship. It shares valuable information and expert know-how on most aspects of farming. It also unveils the secrets of marketing fresh produce and explores avenues of value-added income generation by way of enhancing and processing agricultural products. The show moves from farms to corporate environments to the streets and homes of ordinary South Africans. It visits government officials, scientists, marketers, economists, businesspeople and anyone who can show where to make farming a viable and profitable enterprise. Living Land shares the joy of making a good, honest living in the wide open spaces of beautiful South Africa; making the most of natural resources and creating a legacy of a productive agricultural country that we can proudly hand over to generations to come.

For comments and suggestions, e-mail us at socialmedia@sabc.co.za.


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