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As we proudly put the finishing touches on the new SABC Education Career Guide, we sit in anticipation of the Grade 12 results, which are mere weeks away. We sit and ponder what impact these results will have on the future of about 620, 226 learners whose entire schooling career culminated in the final Grade 12 exams. What does the future hold for these individuals, and how will what they have achieved, impact on our country in years to come.

There are surely many nervous young individuals (and equally nervous parents and teachers), who are eagerly awaiting these results . . . results which could very well define the path their lives are about to take. University applications have been submitted, entrance exams have been written and dreams have begun to take shape . . . after months of study, sacrifice and stress, the moment has almost arrived.

Three innocent little letters, with huge impact. Seeing the words Senior Certificate, Matric Exemption or Fail, for thousands of hopefuls, it could be the difference between university and college, degree and diploma, employment and unemployment. Whatever the outcome, the end of matric heralds the end of an era, and the beginning of a new and exciting one. There are many who already have their futures mapped out, and know exactly what they are going to be doing post-matric.

Then of course (and there are a few of these individuals) who have no idea of what to do once this new era of opportunity and independence presents itself. For many people, the “What”, “How”, “Where” and “Why” may seem totally daunting . . . a questionnaire with many blank spaces! The first step in making those all important decisions, is to know and understand your options.

Once again, SABC Education Career Guide is dedicated to everyone contemplating their futures. Whether you are an S, M or F, as always we have information pertinent to ensuring you make the right choices about your career future. From an overview of higher education in SA, to an in-depth look into the practical aspects of many different careers, the new edition of the SABC Education Career Guide is jam-packed with useful information, and will most certainly go a long way in filling the blanks.

SABC Education strives to make a difference in the lives of our youth . . . to inform and inspire them to achieve to their full potential. To provide them with the all the information and guidance they need in order to make the most informed career choices. We would like to thank the writers, sponsors and photographers for your contribution towards making this publication not only possible, but in ensuring that we reach more learners than ever before. Without your support, none of this would be possible.

We wish you every success on your career journey.

Rubina Patel

Editor – SABC Education Career Guide

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