SABC Education launches a publication to enhance maths literacy and attitudes

SABC Education is proud to announce its partnership with author Edzai Conilias Zvobwo in making a significant contribution towards mathematics education. SABC Education has sponsored the production and distribution of this debut book entitled “The Mathematical Genius in You”.

The Mathematical Genius in You is a ground-breaking, innovative and pragmatic dialogue between the author and the reader focused on how to achieve in mathematics.

It is both motivational and instructional as it takes the reader through the steps on how to bring out the mathematical genius inside the reader. It is an easy read that anyone can go through and understand the principles required for maths success.

The style of writing is simple, and plain English has been used so as to appeal to a wider audience. Learners who can read should be able to fully understand the concepts and principles of becoming mathematically proficient.

Parents can also read on behalf of their children thus ensuring that there is support at home. The parent does not have to be a mathematician but will gain insight into the problem solving methodology and will ask value adding questions which will channel learners to be logical solution finders.

The book seeks to demystify mathematics as a learning area by emphasizing the fact that society as a whole should encourage learners that mathematics can be done. Positive messages should be disseminated as opposed to magnifying the difficulty of mathematics.

The Mathematical Genius in You is a personal and candid dialogue on how to succeed in mathematics. Its objective is to motivate, educate and in the process expose the correct mindset, attitude and attributes necessary to excel in mathematics.

At the formative level this book seeks to produce problem solvers and logical beings that are versatile in the workplace and life in general. The principles exposed in this book can be applied to other learning areas and it is hoped that after reading this book you should able to know where you stand mathematically and then work to improve your status.

If you are a parent you will be shown the attributes and attitudes to emphasize to your children so as to optimize their mathematical potential.

For teachers, this book is handy in the motivation of students to adopt a positive attitude towards maths.

The ultimate aim is for learners to be able to fully acquire math knowledge and skills, combine logical and intuitive reasoning and communicate effectively on interpretations in context to the real world using appropriate mathematical language and notations.

About the Author

Edzai is a high achieving mathematics teacher, motivational speaker, business analyst/IT project manager and Game Mathematician.

He possesses a BSc Honours in Applied Mathematics, Diploma in Business Analysis and Certificate in Data Analysis.

He has a passion for mathematics; this is evidenced by his motivational works across schools in South Africa. He has participated in intervention programmes in the townships through workshops and camps assisting struggling learners.

Edzai has done a lot of work with SABC and their outreach programmes. A lot of MBA students from leading institutions of higher learning have benefited from his tutoring of research methods and statistics. His dream is to demystify mathematics and ensure that learners become good problem solvers.

Edzai is a firm believer of the theory that Africa can be liberated if her people are mathematically literate and apply the problem solving thinking methodology to find solutions to social, political and economic problems that have long hounded the “Mother-Continent”. Good problem solvers will eradicate poverty in Africa. To become a good problem solver, one needs to be mathematically trained to achieve this.


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Mathsgenius Edzai Zvobwo talks about Maths....We need to cultivate the love and passion of mathematics to the young ones.

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