SABC Celebrates a Decade of the Artisan

Artisanship, path to greatness

SABC Education fully embraces and adopts the Decade of the Artisan programme which was launched by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) in January 2014.

The programme is a strategic vehicle for poverty alleviation through agrarian unemployment reduction as prescribed in the National Development Plan.

Expansion of sustainable job opportunities for South African school leavers and the current unemployed citizens is at the fore-front of government’s priorities, thus the Decade of the Artisan programme is pivotal to the attainment of government’s goals.

The aim of the programme is capacity building through imparting artisan skills to South African citizens so that everyone can contribute to the prosperity of the country in a meaningful way.

Danie Swart, Head of SABC Education says, “The Decade of the Artisan programme is a conduit to the perennial skills shortage which has led the country to utilise an imported workforce thus denying citizens an opportunity to participate in the formal economy”.

To SABC Education, “Artisanship is definitely the bridge between the formal education system and the workplace as artisans will not only have amassed theoretical knowledge but practical workplace experience”, emphasised Danie.

SABC Education as the public broadcaster is playing a pivotal role in disseminating information and supporting potential candidates for artisanship training through television, radio, print and online media.

This book “Artisanship, path to greatness” is one of the many programmes being implemented to demystify and educate learners and unemployed school-leavers how they can pave a way for themselves to guaranteed employment and/or entrepreneurial opportunities.

As Dr Blade Nzimande, The Honourable Minister of Higher Education and Training accurately put it, “It is cool to be an artisan”, SABC Education is on a mission to increase the attractiveness of artisanship and fully expose the opportunities and benefits of being a fully qualified artisan.

To attract artisanship, SABC Education is using programmes such as Ispani, Khetha radio learner’s support programme, Making Moves, 48 Hours and other platforms to stir the artisan flagship in South Africa.

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