Educational partnership on MyCareerMyLife directed to youth

SABC Education and MyCareerMyLife have established a long-term partnership focused on subject choice and career guidance targeting the youth segment in our country. MyCareerMyLife portal will provide the content that can be accessed through across all SABC websites including SABC Education, and on MyCareerMyLife platform.

Uniquely, the learner can find information on:

  • Career information on over 400 careers
  • Complete online assessments which guide and support subject choices and career choices
  • Internship opportunities
  • Learnership opportunities
  • Entry level job opportunities for school leavers and recent graduates
  • Applications to further education at recognised education colleges

As the service supports corporate’s in their long-term workforce planning, the demand for entry-level staff is linked to job profiles and job categories providing the demand that learners can then target to fulfil.

SABC Education will provide the marketing through promotions on all relevant Radio Stations, TV and online platforms providing awareness for youth to have equal opportunity to furthering a career and access education. In addition, the current SABC Education content on careers and related subjects will be made available on this platform in easily accessible formats.

Currently more than 250 000 learners finish school without any opportunity to be gainfully employed. The partnership seeks to direct learners to opportunities as well as provide guidance as to how the gaps in training can be filled in order to be eligible for the opportunities listed by corporate’s and training colleges (both public and private).

The service will seek to create a unique ecosystem with selected partners for learners across our country making all information easily accessible. Learning is a lifelong journey and finding a way to make our youth economically active fundamentally to change of South Africa’s economic success.

For more information on MyCareerMyLife portal, click here.

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