Access Career Advice through Khetha Helpline

The Khetha Career Development Services in the Department of Higher Education and Training was launched recently as part of commemorating the late former President Nelson Mandela. The 5th of December marked the first anniversary since the struggle icon’s passing.

Khetha gives the public access to a social media platform, email and telephone advisory service where they can get career information.

People can send a sms, a ‘please call me’, an email or even a fax to the Khetha helpline and a professional career advisor will assist them.

Khetha also provides training and support to schools, technical and vocational education and training colleges and communities in career development services and produce and distribute career information through print, a website, a mobi-site or social media.

One of the effective platforms to reach the rural areas of the country is through the Khetha radio programmes that are broadcasted weekly in 10 official languages.

Minister Nzimande said the overarching aim is to empower all South Africans in making informed career decisions and guiding them through processes that will result in positive career outcomes.

It is the first time that the department is offering free career development services to the public and it is also the first of such services in Africa.

The Minister urged, young and old, to take responsibility for their own future, get information and guidance on how to make informed career choices and access the multiple opportunities that the post school education and training sector is offering to further their education and training.

How to access Khetha services

Those wishing to get advice on furthering their careers can:

  • Send an SMS or “please call me” to 072 204 5056 and one of the career advisors will call back.
  • Call 0860 35 66 35 between Mondays and Fridays from 8am to 4pm from any cellphone or landline;
  • Write an email to: ​ and a career advisor will respond to the email;
  • ​​Visit the career development services website at ​;
  • ​Visit the national career advice portal to get information on career paths, where to study and what to study at;
  • Like the page on Facebook ​at ​;
  • Follow the initiative on Twitter at;
  • ​​Find on the browser of a cellphone on ​; and
  • Listen to the Khetha Radio Programmes every week in 10 languages. –

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