Major Universities Favour Online Registrations

Hopeful students of the University of Johannesburg have been turned away and told to register online. Students gathered outside the University campus in Auckland Park in the hope of being allowed on campus to register.

Calls for students to register online have been criticized, and one student leader Lindokhule Xulu says this process further excludes poor students who do not have access to the internet.

“That actually discriminates our people because they do not have laptops, do not have computers. Where we come from in rural areas we don't even have an internet cafe. So now we are saying that if they are saying there must be an online registration they must create a conducive environment for that. They must extend WIFI here, they must allow our people to use the facilities. There are more than 20 000 computers inside that can be used to assist these students.”

Meanwhile, Wits University says on-campus registrations will be suspended until Wednesday and has advised students to register telephonically or online.

Students at the university started protesting against registration fees earlier on Monday.

Deputy Vice-chancellor and Principal at Wits University Professor Tawana Kupe says, “We are going to do online and telephonic registration. We will resume the face to face registration for three faculties on Wednesday because in those faculties like humanities and science students need to walk in and choose specific subjects for their courses. In the faculties where we are registering now it's what we call an extracurriculum. If you are not choosing anything so you can actually register online.”

Source: SABCNews

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